About This Site

Hello beer world! My name is Robert and I just wanted to welcome you to Beer-Taster.com!

To start it off drinking beer is my hobby. I love beer, all kinds of beer and I think I give an honest opinion for every one that I taste. On this site you will be able to find out information on different beers such as the anatomy, proper glassware, and the proper beer to drink with your meals. There will also be a fun side to the site that will include drinking games, ask the Beer-Taster, and a beer of the month that will be voted on by you! The main thing I want to do though with this site is beer reviews that can appeal to everyone. There is alot of people that just drink Bud-Light or Miller Light (and there is nothing wrong with that) but are curious about the world of craft beer. On this site you will get  a real person review for the average beer consumer.

I am also just starting to brew my own beers and will be providing a walk through with pictures throughout the process.

I look forward to this road we will travel together, the wonderful world of beer!


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