Arcadia Ales Anglers Ale Pale Ale

Arcadia Ales Anglers Ale Pale Ale

This Pale Ale has a 5% ABV, and is brewed out of Battlecreek MI at the Arcadia Brewery that was established in 1996.

I found this Pale Ale to pour out a dark orange color with a thick white head creating a nice lacing on the glass while consuming. The aroma of this beer consists of sweet malt, and citrus, and pine hops. The taste of this beer starts off with a sweet caramel malt taste while hinting at some of the citrus and piney hops found in the aroma. I found the finish to have a metallic finish while carrying a slight bitterness as well.

Overall I think there are better Pale Ale’s to be had. There wasn’t a “born on date” but I think some freshness issues could have been had with this one.


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