Atomium Premier Grand Cru

Atomium Premier Grand Cru

This Belgian Strong Pale Ale is brewed out of Belgium at the Brouwerij Van Steenberg N.V. Brewery. It is available year-round and has a 8% ABV. I would also like to thank my friend Kevin Hogan for being so kind to donate this beer to the site.

This beer pours a nice dark orange color, that created a nice amount of head, and lace while carrying a nice retention throughout the tasting. The aroma had a lot going on with a malt backbone and some fruit, and Belgian yeast tones. The taste of this beer seemed to possibly have some honey as it was somewhat sweet up front. There are also some nice tropical fruit tastes that pop up with the Belgian yeast in the finish.

Overall this is a pretty nice tasting Belgian that hides the hefty ABV well, and I would recommend you give it a shot if you have it available near you.


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In: Belgian Styled Beers, Rating 90-94