Bass Black & Tan

Bass Black & Tan

The Bass Black & Tan is a beer that combines the Bass Stout, and Bass Pale Ale. They state to pour the Pale Ale into the glass untill it is 2/3rd’s full. Then you take a spoon and turn it upside down and pour the Stout over the top which causes the “black & tan” effect. Both of these beers are brewed by the William Bass & Co. brewery located in Baldwinsville NY.

This beer pours a beautiful black on top, and copper color on the bottom. There is a decent amount of head that laces on the glass. The aroma has a nice balance between the Pale Ale, and the Stout showing off some caramel malts, as well as some chocolate, and roasted malts. When tasting this beer I found that you tasted the smooth roastiness of the stout first before flowing right into the caramel malts and slight hop bitterness of the pale ale which creates a wonderful balance between the two.

Overall I found these two beers to compliment each other very well, and I always look forward to having a Black & Tan. Bass has created the “do it yourself” six pack that has three pale ales, and three stouts to accomplish this goal. I would recommend you pick it up if you get a chance.


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