Beer Pong

This is probably the most popular drinking game of the moment, it is so easy to play, anyone can do it, and it will get ya drunk!

Now there are two ways to play this game

1. The first way is the traditional way that most people know, however if you don’t here is a quick rundown.

The object of the game is simple sink a ping pong ball into your opponent’s cups that are set up in a pyramid formation. First person to clear out all the cups wins and the defeated must drink the winners beers as well. Also one re rack is allowed as well in the game, meaning you can tell your opponent how you would like the cups to be arranged.

2. The second way to play is my personal favorite.

You need a ping pong table or a table close in size, a ping pong ball, two ping pong paddles, and two cups. Fill the cups with a beer and begin playing some ping pong. If you hit the cup the opponent drinks and a point is awarded. If you sink it in the cup the opponent must chug the beer and two points are awarded. You play to 21 and have to win by two. Also you cannot hit the cup on the initial serve if you do then you must drink a one drink but no point is awarded.

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