Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout 2016

Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout 2016

This Bourbon Barrel Aged stout is brewed out of Amherst WI at the Central Waters Brewing company. It is a part of the Brewers Reserve Series and has a 9.5% ABV. I would like to thank my best beer buddy Bill Engle for bringing this down from Wisconsin for me!

This beer pours out a nice dark black color producing minimal head, and no retention on the glass. The aroma is full of chocolate, coffee, and of course the glorious smell of the oak bourbon barrels! The bourbon really comes through from start to finish when tasting while there are some subtle chocolate undertones.  There isn’t much bite to it, and it has a thick mouthfeel with a great balance. It also makes your belly a touch warm when sipping.

Overall this is an excellent beer that is an excellent sipper, especially when it is cold outside. I would like to thank my friend Bill again for bringing this one down for me!


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