Corona Light

Corona Light

Corona is brewed in Mexic0 by Grupo Modelo and has a light 4.1% ABV. To start it off everytime I have had this beer in the past was in a bottle and needless to say it was horrible, skunk taste and smell my goodness. I wanted to give it another chance out of a can because no light can get in to mess it up. This is how it went….

It poured out nicely, thick head that laces and a nice golden color that is typical from lagers. The aroma didn’t have the typical skunk Corona smell but it also didn’t pack much of anything else, maybe some grain here and there. The taste of the beer was completely watered down with hints of metal but again thank goodness no skunks were to be found. It finishes kind of dry and bland with so much more to be desired.

Well the experiment proves that the beer does taste better in a can, however it is still a horrible beer. This is one that I would like to steer you away from. If you want a good Mexican beer go and get a Dos Equis.


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