Dominion Millennium Ale

Dominion Millennium Ale

This Barleywine is brewed with honey out of Dover DE by the Old Dominion Brewery. It shows off with a hefty 10.5% ABV, and was originally brewed to celebrate the brewery’s 1000th batch.

I found this Barleywine to pour out a nice dark honey color that produced a very nice amount of head that laced wonderfully on the glass. The aroma of this beer was rather sweet as it showed off its caramel malts, and honey notes, but it also had a toasty undertone too it. The taste of this beer was fantastic to say the least. It has a sweet caramel malt front while balancing beautifully with the honey, and high alcohol found in the slightly bitter finish.

Old Dominion states that this beer can be cellared but I think it is perfect to enjoy right now. I would actually love to be able to do a vertical taste test of this beer a year from now, and possibly two years from now to see how it ages. Old Dominion, how do you feel about this? In the meantime if you are lucky enough to have Old Dominion Brewery distribute near you, pick this up! If you enjoy Barleywines, you will love Millennium!!



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