Edward 40 Hands

This is a game of who can drink the fastest and not pee or puke on themselves, the rules are simple so lets begin.

1. Go to your local liquor store and purchase two 40’s for each participant, my personal favorites are Olde English, and Colt 45.

2. Make sure at least one person is not playing so they can help duct tape the 40’s to your hands, take off the caps, and judge the shenanigans.

3. The judge then proceeds to get the game started by saying go or whatever you like.

4. Drink the 40’s as fast as you can because the first person to drink both of there 40’s  and not puke or piss themselves wins, at that point the judge can untape your hands and you can gloat to your friends the rest of the night.

5. If anyone pukes, or pisses themselves during the game they are DQ’d and you can make fun of them the rest of the night 🙂

6. The winner should win some sort of prize either drinks for the rest of the night, or just fill in your own prize here.

Ok everyone go do it have fun!!

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