Five Up and Down The River

To put it simply this game can get you drunk real fast…..

To start this game simply lay down two rows of 10 cards face down, now to start it off your dealer will turn to his left and ask the person smoke or fire (black or red) if the person guesses the card correctly they give out five drinks if they guess wrong they take five drinks, and this goes around the table for each participant the participant then holds on to the card. Next hand is higher or lower which means is the card in the dealers hand higher or lower than the card in front of you. Again if you guess it right you give five drinks if you guess wrong you take five drinks.  The third card is the outside or in between card meaning  is the card in the dealers hand outside or in between the cards in front of you, just like before get it right give five drinks get it wrong take five drinks. The fourth and final card is just guessing the correct suit (diamonds, hearts, spades, or clubs) if you get it right you give five drinks get it wrong and you take five drinks.

Now once this first part of the game is done the fun and real drinking begins

The dealer picks the give row and the take row from the two rows or cards that were laid out before the game started, and the give row always goes first. The first card in the give row is worth one drink the second card two drinks third card three drinks and so on all the way to 10. If the dealer flips the card and you have that card you get to give the number of drinks the card is worth. The drink total doubles if  the card is the same as the number of drinks on the table ( for example a 2 pops up on the second card in the row so that card becomes four drinks) If no one has the card that is flipped over on the table take a card from the deck and flip it until someone has the card.

The take row works the same way except you don’t get to give out the drinks you take them hence the name.

This is another one of my personal favorites I learned to play it at my buddy’s house and it goes by just Up and Down the River as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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