George Killians Irish Red

George Killians Irish Red

This beer is brewed by the Coors Brewing Company which is located in Golden CO. It is available year-round and it has a 4.9% ABV.

I found this Irish Red to pour out a really nice copper color with an off white head. This head did not retain and did not leave any lace on the glass however. The aroma is all caramel, toffee, and bready malt however it is slightly watered down, and bland. The taste of this beer is somewhat nice as it has a nice mouthfeel and decent balance. The aroma really comes out to play in the taste as the caramel, and toffee really come through here. There may be some earthy hops in the finish but I didn’t detect any in the aroma.

Overall this isn’t a bad beer, in fact it is rather smooth and easy to drink. I would say that it is a good session beer however I have had other Irish Red’s that are better.


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