Grand Teton American Sour 2016

Grand Teton American Sour 2016

This multi award winning sour is brewed out of Victor ID at the wonderful Grand Teton Brewery, and is the third release of American Sour in its Brewers’ series. It boasts medals from the North American Beer Awards, US Open Beer Championship, and the highly acclaimed Festival of Barrel Aged Beers! Grand Teton also claims that over time this beer will age nicely. I am going to have to get another bottle and put it away for awhile to test this out! Well that is if I can stay patient enough!

This beer pours out a nice hazy orange color, with a decent amount of head that laces the glass showing its quality. The aroma is wonderful as the oak barrels really show through, with a wonderful tartness of what I believe to be grapes, and some awesome Brett funk! The taste of the American Sour is exactly that, but it isn’t overwhelming at all. It has a wonderful balance between the Brett, and fruit, and has a nice sour kick. I feel that the aging in the oak barrels really brings this beer to the next level as well.

This is a top notch brew, that I highly recommend. I love the sour style, and this one is definitely on a different level than the rest. American Sour 2016 will be released to the public on 10/3/17 so make sure you get out and get some!



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