Grand Teton Bone Warmer

Grand Teton Bone Warmer

This Imperial Amber Ale is brewed out of Victor ID. It is apart of their Cellar Reserve Series and has a hefty 8.2% ABV. 2013 represents the 25th anniversary for Grand Teton Brewing so they brought back three of their favorite Cellar Reserves. The Bone Warmer was initially brewed back in 2006 and sold out faster than any beer they had ever brewed.

I found this Imperial Amber to pour out a nice dark amber color that created a nice off white head that laced on the glass and had some nice retention. The aroma had a nice strong caramel malt backbone while also hinting at some plums and figs as well as a bit of alcohol. The taste of this beer has a very sweet caramel front before carrying a wonderful balance to the smooth finish that hints slightly of the high ABV and possibly some dark fruits.

I found this beer to be quite good, and I can understand why it sold out as fast as it did in 2006. It warmed not only my bones, but my belly as well and I will be looking for it next time I go to the store. Pick it up before it is too late.



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