Grand Teton Coming Home Holiday Ale 2013

Grand Teton Coming Home Holiday Ale 2013

This Belgian Dubbel is brewed out of Victor ID at the Grand Teton Brewery. It is a one time beer brewed for their 25th anniversary, and has a nice big 7.5% ABV.

This beer pours out a nice dark amber color that produced a decent amount of head that laced on the glass. I found the aroma to have some nice sweet caramel malt, as well as some light clove, nutmeg, and dark fruits such as raisins. The taste of this beer also starts off rather sweet as the caramel, nutmeg, and raisins show up. As the beer continues its journey down my pallet I found some Belgian yeast to show up, as well as some clove, and a nice warmth from the high alcohol content before finishing slightly dry and spicy. The 2013 Holiday Ale has a fantastic balance to it, and I found it to be a sipper beer that is great with some cheese. I personally enjoyed some Colby Jack.

I would strongly recommend you pick a bottle of this up if you are lucky enough to have it distributed near you. I would also like to thank Tracy Williams, and Grand Teton Brewery for supplying me with a bottle of this excellent beer to review for my followers at!



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