Grand Teton Lazy Marmot

Grand Teton Lazy Marmot

This Maibock Lager is brewed out of Victor ID at the Grand Teton Brewery. It is a part of the Cellar Reserve Series, and has a heft 7.8% ABV. When brewing this beer Grand Teton went above and beyond in my opinion. They went as far as fermenting the lager yeast in a monastery near Munich Germany and allowed it to ferment and condition for more than three months! One other fun fact before the review. In Germany “Bock” also means goat which is why that animal typically will reside on the bottles of the said style. Now on to the review.

I found the Lazy Marmot to pour a nice cloudy amber color that produced a small amount of head that did retain, and lace slightly on the glass. The aroma was rather sweet, and pleasant with a strong caramel backbone while hinting at a bit of spice. The taste of this beer is a lot like the aroma as the caramel malt showed up first while balancing very nicely with the spice, and subtle hint of alcohol in the finish. There was nothing overpowering in this beer and I really enjoyed that. Everything was “just enough” in my opinion and made it very easy to drink, and enjoy.

Overall I found this to be a very good Maibock and I would strongly recommend you pick it up before it is too late. Keep in mind that this is a part of Grand Teton’s Cellar Reserve Series so supplies are limited.



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