Grand Teton Persephone Imperial Pilsner

Grand Teton Persephone Imperial Pilsner

This Imperial Pilsner pronounced (pur-seff-uh-knee) is brewed by the Grand Teton Brewery located in Victor ID. It is apart of their 2011 Cellar Reserve Series and has a hefty 8.7% ABV. They stated that they brewed this beer with “one foot in the past and one foot in the present” while using German noble, and Hersbrucker hops, German malts, as well as some domestic Idaho 2-row barley. They also state that these special Cellar Reserve beers can take up to eight months to brew while most ale’s and lagers typically take 2-4 weeks. Now on to the review.

I found this brew to pour a nice pale golden color producing a great deal of carbonation and a nice thick  head that laced the glass. The aroma was rather light however it consisted of some grassy, and earthy hops as well as some sweet malts up front. When tasting this beer I found it to have a nice crisp mouthfeel that is to be expected from an Imperial Pilsner however it was not overpowering and carried a nice balance between it’s sweet German malt front and its nice slightly bitter German hop finish. I was actually expecting a much stronger beer due to the ABV but instead was treated to a wonderful brew that I think even the beginning beer taster would find enjoyable.

I would strongly recommend you pick this beer up if you are lucky enough to have access. This brew just hit the shelves Jan 29th, and  Grand Teton is only going to make three Cellar Reserve beers this year and they will be limited releases. Check out more of their fine beers here.


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