Grand Teton Splash Down

Grand Teton Splash Down

This Belgian Golden Ale is brewed out of Victor ID, at the Grand Teton Brewery. It is a part of their Cellar Reserve series, and it has a nice 7.5% ABV.

This beer poured out a nice dark orange color, producing a decent amount of head that laced on the glass. The aroma of this beer contained some spice, banana, and some bubblegum as well as some earthy hops. The taste of this beer starts off with some banana, and bubblegum that is rather light and flavorful. The finish to this beer has a slight bitterness to it that shows off the hops, as well as a bit of alcohol while still carrying a nice balance throughout.

Overall this is a nice beer from Grand Teton, and I am going to seek it out at my local liquor store. Give this one a shot, I think it is a nice compliment to sip on and enjoy on a warm day.


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In: Belgian Styled Beers, Rating 80-89