Grandpa’s Belgian Style Hefeweizen

Grandpa's Belgian Style Hefeweizen

I brewed this beer with my brother in law John in honor of my Grandfather Robert McManimie who passed away on 6/25/11. He was a great man and I wanted to make a beer to honor him. I never got a chance to sit down and have a beer with him because by the time I was of age he was on to many medications. This is something I regret however with this beer and one of my Grandpa’s beer glasses it is as close as I can get.

Pouring this beer out I found it to make a nice hazy orange color with a decent amount of head that did lace nicely on the glass. I found the aroma to have some bubblegum, and banana tones to it as well as some wheat malts. The true treat of this beer is the taste however. I found it to have a very nice balance between the sweet wheat malts and the bubblegum, and banana found in the aroma. It has a very light body and I think it compliments a warm day very well.

This is only my second attempt at brewing beer and I know it wouldn’t have come out as good as it did without my brother in law John’s assistance, and  I would like to thank him for that. I also know Grandpa was looking down on the project from the start and is enjoying the beer with me every time I take one out of the fridge.

Cheers to you Grandpa!

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