How To Taste Beer

Alright guys and gals I wanted to do a quick rundown on how to properly taste a beer.

The first thing you need obviously is some beer to try so go and get that, now pour the beer into its proper glass that way it maximizes the taste. Make sure the glass is clean; a dirty glass can completely ruin your beer tasting experience. Now take a look at the beer notice the color it is (hazy, or golden etc), how much head the beer produces, and as you are drinking if it produces any lace. A good quality beer will leave a ring on the glass from the previous drink; it looks like rings on a tree. medium

Now smell the beer, try and define the aroma or the bouquet of the beer, is it malty, fruity, hoppy things like that. In order to get a good whiff simply cup your hand over the glass, stick your nose in and basically trap any smell that comes out. The optimal time to smell a beer is right after you pour it into a glass and yes you have to pour it into a glass. If the beer produced too much head on the pour wait for it to go down a bit, if you don’t it will mask the aroma.

Now when tasting the first thing you want to do is take a drink and just hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, a good beer should produce multiple flavors. While the beer is sitting on your tongue it will produce different types of taste for you, sweet at the tip, bitter towards the back, and salty and sour on the sides. Now swallow the beer so you can get the full experience, in my opinion the aftertaste makes or breaks a beer and is my favorite part. There are different types of aftertastes obviously and really with as many types of beer there is the possibilities are endless.

While the beer is in your mouth try and define the texture, is it thick, or watery? Also how much carbonation does it produce?

If you are tasting different types or styles of beer make sure you clean the glass, and mouth out with water. Some people like to eat cheese and crackers with beer but it’s not a good idea while tasting because your mouth will cloud up and ruin the next beer tasting.

Beer tasting is one of my favorite things to do hence why I made this website, too me there isn’t to much that tops getting to try a new beer. So have fun enjoy some new beers and leave a comment if you like!



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