KCCO Black Lager

KCCO Black Lager

So,I finally got to try Chive’s beer “KCCO Black Lager”! I was walking through my grocery store looking for some charcoal and I almost walked right past it. Needless to say I did a double take and grabbed myself a sixer! I am a huge Chiver, and was hoping to get a chance to try this beer. If you don’t know what the Chive is check it out here. It is a great site full of pictures, comedy, inspiration, and knowledge that will get you through the toughest of days. KCCO stands for “Keep Calm Chive On”. They even go as far as to raise money for less fortunate kids, and adults, and in all the Chive community is a very caring bunch that just likes to have fun. This beer is ultimately brewed in a collaboration between the Red Hook brewery, and the Resignation brewery, and it has a 5.1% ABV.

KCCO Black Lager pours out a nice black color that when held up to the light, has a nice red hue to it. The aroma of this beer had a lot going on as I found some chocolate, coffee, caramel, and toffee tones that was rather pleasant. The taste of this beer started rather sweet with the caramel and toffee while carrying a nice balance to the slightly bitter finish that contained the coffee, and chocolate found in the aroma. This beer had a very nice light easy drinking mouthfeel but was also full of flavor.

Overall this was an excellent black lager in my opinion. Not going to lie, I was just as scared to review this one as I was excited to try it. Reason being is because black lagers are usually rather boring to me. This one did not disappoint at all and I would strongly urge you to give it a shot, check out Chive.com, and attend a Chive party. I will be going back to the store to get more.


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