Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra

This beer is brewed locally here in St.Louis by the giant Anheuser Busch. It is available year round and packs a whopping 95 calories with its light 4.2% ABV. From what I can remember this was the first beer in the category of ” I want to lose weight but still drink beer”.

This beer pours out a typical golden color with a decent head however it disappears quickly leaving no lace. The aroma was really bland, there may have been some grainy malts in there but it was very faint. The taste of this beer was very watered down with hardly any flavor however it was very crisp and slightly refreshing.

I personally think that if you want to lose weight that badly then don’t drink heavily or don’t drink at all. I love beers with flavor and this one just didn’t come with any. I’ll take calories with flavor over any “I have the lowest calories for a light beer with no flavor” anyday.


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