New Hoptimistic IPA Bottles from Charleville!

New Hoptimistic IPA Bottles from Charleville!

So I was invited back out to Charleville last weekend to hang out with Head Brewer Tony Saballa, his trusty sidekick Panda, owners Jack, and Joal , Jake, and Paul, as well as Ben, and Abby from Category 23 Brewing. While there I got to try some amazing beers including the German Chocolate Cake on Cask, the amazing Box of Chocolate, Ale Mucho Hoppo, Whiskey Scented Santa, and the awesome St.Dorian Abbey Rye.

Well the main reason for this post is because Charleville is releasing new packaging, and 6 pack’s of bottles for the wonderful Hoptimistic IPA. It will be released in stores in two weeks so keep you eye out for it. Tony, and Panda also upped the IBU’s for this IPA from 55 IBU to 65 IBU and I personally think it turned out great!

I would suggest you give this beer a shot if you haven’t already, and are lucky enough to have it distributed near you. If not take a road trip to St.Genevieve MO because it really is worth the trip. They have great beer there but more importantly great people who know how to make you feel welcome! Here is a link to their website and follow the directions on the website because if you put it into a GPS you will not make it.

I wanted to again thank Tony, Panda, Jack, and Joal for having me out to their establishment, I had a blast!


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