O’Fallon Brewery Wheach Peach Wheat Beer

O'Fallon Brewery Wheach Peach Wheat Beer

This  peach wheat beer is brewed at the O’Fallon Brewery in O’Fallon Mo and has a 5.1% alcohol pct. Wheach is available in six packs for the summer season only, and was also the Riverfront Times best beer of St.Louis in 2007.

This beer poured a nice hazy golden color, but did not produce much head. I will tell you this the aroma this beer produces is amazing, I honestly think this is the best smelling beer I have ever smelled. I would describe it like smelling a bag of fresh peaches right off the farm.

This beer is very smooth, crisp, and easy to drink however it feels thick in your mouth and I don’t think you could drink more than a couple in a sitting without feeling full.  I would describe the taste as a good wheat beer with a touch of peach.

Like I said before this beer is only available for the summer season so if you see a six pack of it I would recommend you pick it up before it is to late.