Pearl Street Porter

Pearl Street Porter

This Porter is brewed by the Twisted Pine Brewery which is located in Boulder CO. It carries a 6.7% ABV and was brewed to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Brewery. They state that the recipe came from Gordon Knight who is the founder of Twisted Pines Brewery, and it is brewed with water from the Rocky Mountains.

I found this beer to pour out a pitch black color with no head, and no lacing on the glass. This immediately concerned me on the age of this beer. The aroma of this beer was comprised of chocolate, caramel, and some roasted malts. I found the taste to be slightly roasty with the hints of chocolate and caramel showing their heads. I also found this beer to have a decent mouthfeel to go with a nice balance.

I think that I just got an older bottle of this beer and I am disappointed that I probably will not get another opportunity to try another.  Please comment if you have had the opportunity to try this beer. I would love to hear other opinions.



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