Red Stripe Light Jamaican Lager

Red Stripe Light Jamaican Lager

This Lager is also brewed at the Desnoes and Geddes Limited Brewery located in Kingston Jamaica. It is available year-round and has an extremely light 3.6% ABV.

This Lager pours out your typical golden color with a thick head and minimal lacing on the glass. The aroma attempts to mimic the traditional Red Stripe however it seems to be slightly watered down. There are hints of sweet malts and piney hops however. The taste is also very watered down but hints at it’s big brother and again I didn’t find anything in the taste that jumped out at me.

I was very disappointed in this beer as it just seemed to be a watered down version of Red Stripe. I would steer clear from this one as there are many other “light” beers to choose from that are better. I still think that when it comes to beer “lighter” isn’t better.


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