Samuel Adams Bonfire Rauchbier

Samuel Adams Bonfire Rauchbier

This Fall Seasonal is brewed by Samuel Adams which is located in Boston MA, and it has a nice 5.7% ABV.

I found this beer to pour out a nice mahogany color that produced a thick creamy head that laced the glass and had nice retention. The aroma was rather smokey, and contained some nice roated malts. I found it to be rather pleasant. When drinking this beer I found it to have a sweet caramel taste while still carrying that nice smokey taste found in the aroma. There is also some roasted malts tones that stuck out as well while carrying a great balance and nice mouthfeel.

Overall I was impressed with this beer. It seems to me that Samuel Adams has figured out how to make fun and exciting styles of beer while still  being able to appeal to the masses. I will cheers to this! Pick this beer up before it is to late. It is available in the Fall Seasonal Sampler pack.


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