Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Samuel Adams Octoberfest

This great beer is brewed by the Boston Brewing Company in Boston Ma and has a 5.4% alcohol pct.  One thing I would like to be up front about is that I am a bit biased towards this beer, I look forward to it every year and drink several six packs while waiting for Samuel Adams Winter Lager, and Holliday Porter.

This beer pours a wonderful copper/amber color and produced very good head, and being that it is such a good beer it did leave lace on the glass while I was enjoying it.

This is a very malty beer and according to Sam Adams website it is brewed with five, yes five different malts.  This beer was very easy to drink and carried a caramel, and toffee taste to it. I would say it is a medium bodied beer and it really does carry a great balance all the way through to the finish.

This beer is only available for the fall season so get it before it is to late you will not be disapointed!

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