Samuel Adams Utopias 2013

Samuel Adams Utopias 2013

So…. This is the other extremely rare beer I got to try a couple weekends ago. Some of you may remember last year when I got to try the 2012 version of Utopias, and if you don’t you can check it out here. Luckily my brother in law John was able to come through again two years in a row, and I feel extremely lucky to be able to review this for you all. Samuel Adams states that Utopias is aged in bourbon rum barrels, and vintage port, and ruby port barrels.

The 2013 Utopias pours out a gorgeous caramel color, that leaves racers on the glass while enjoying. The aroma was dominated by caramel, and alcohol but it was still really nice. I found the taste of this beer to contain a strong caramel backbone with hints of fruit, and maple. I found the finish to be somewhat tart, with a touch of maple, and alcohol.

There was a great balance to this beer and while I didn’t think it topped 2012’s version of Utopias this is still a great sipper beer that I would love to be able to try again. I would like to thank my brother in law John again for always keeping his eye out for the elusive bottle of Utopias.


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