Samuel Adams Utopias 2012

Samuel Adams Utopias 2012

12/8/12 will go down as a day I will not forget. On this day I finally got to try the Legend that is Samuel Adams Utopias! Needless to say this beer lived up to its expectations and then some. I always said that I would never give a beer a perfect rating because there is always room for improvement, (yes I am one of those people) however there is nothing bad that I can say about this beer. It is amazing! This is quite possibly the rarest beer in the world, or at least one of them and it took me ten years to even see a bottle that wasn’t a picture on the internet. My brother in law John won a silent auction and a total of seven of us went in on the bottle. Needless to say it was like, no it was better than Christmas day as a kid.

This 27% ABV monster pours out a gorgeous amber brown color with absolutely no head but it had gorgeous long legs when swirling in the snifter.  The aroma was very complex as it has strong smokey maple, bourbon, vanilla, and oak tones. The taste of Utopias is just as complex as I found the maple to really show through first with hints of vanilla and bourbon. As Utopias warms some dark fruit shows up and it sweetens slightly however it leaves fantastic warmth in the belly and the taste lingers wonderfully on your lips and tongue. Utopias has a fantastic balance as well and despite the high ABV it is surprisingly easy to drink.

Overall I would have to say Utopias is the best beer I have ever consumed and I hope that I get another chance at tasting this amazing beer. Utopias put a huge smile on my face, (please see below) and I savored every drop. Hell I don’t even know if I am going to wash the snifter I tasted it in just so I can smell Utopias whenever I want.  If you ever get a chance at trying this please do. It is completely worth every penny.




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