Schlafly Carraway IPA

Schlafly Carraway IPA

This IPA is brewed by the Schlafly Brewery located here in St. Louis MO, and it sports a 7.2% ABV, and 65 IBU’s. This is a small batch IPA that is a part of the Hop Allocation Series which is brewed once a year.

This IPA pours out a dark orange color with a thick white head, shows off with its lacing on the glass. The aroma has a nice fruity aroma to it, but also some spiciness , as well as some toasty malt tones.  The taste of this beer is taken over by the spiciness found in the aroma, and it has a moderately bitter and somewhat dry finish. It does have a decent balance to it as well.

Overall this is a good IPA if you like them on the spicy side. I also feel like Schlafly excels in the IPA style as well, and I always look forward to any new releases!


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