Schlafly Pumpkin Porter

Schlafly Pumpkin Porter

This concoction is brewed by the Schlafly Brewery located in St.Louis MO, andwas discovered by my friend John Steckert. In order to make this wonderful beer all you need is one bottle of Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale, and one bottle of Schlafly’s Porter. Pour half Pumpkin Ale first and then pour half Porter to finish, and then enjoy!

I found this beer to pour a nice dark red color with a decent head that laces on the glass. The aroma is a nice combination of the spices and nutmeg from the Pumpkin Ale as well as the roasted malts from the Porter. I found this beer to have a wonderful balance between the spices and roasted malts, while carrying a nice smooth mouthfeel. This beer starts off with some sweet caramel, and roasted malts before the spices and nutmeg take over in the finish. It also has a bit of a warm feeling in the belly from the hefty ABV the Pumpkin Ale puts off.

Overall I think this is quite the hybrid and would strongly recommend you the tasters, and Schlafly to give this a shot. There is nothing here that will let you down. Pick it up before it is too late!


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