Beer Thoughts From the Beer Taster Vol 1

Good Evening Beer Tasters! This may be a new portion of Every now and then I get some thoughts that go through my head, and I feel I need to voice an opinion. To date I haven’t ever typed them out. Well, here goes.

There is something about the craft beer scene that bothers me. What is it you ask? The fact that there are so many haters against the domestic Macro brews. Do they make a boring beer? Sure, you could say that. It is the “yellow fizzy stuff”. There isn’t a whole lot to it in the taste department, and in a whole yes it is boring. You know what though? It serves its purpose in the beer industry. Without it we wouldn’t be where we are now. Think about it, did you start off by drinking IPA’s, or bourbon barrel aged stouts? How about a sour, or even something as simple as a pale ale? We all started somewhere,and most likely it was an American Lager. Let me tell you a little bit about how I started to enjoy beers. About 14 years ago I had a terrible, terrible night with some hard liquor and of course said I would never drink again. This is something we have all said on at least one occasion. Well time went by, and I really didn’t drink at all. Well I was at a “social gathering” with friends and they were all drinking Natty, and Bud Light. They didn’t understand why I wasn’t drinking any beer, and to that date I thought beer in general was disgusting. Well, they turned me on to the fact that iced oatmeal cookies, and American lagers go really well together. Try it! The rest is history. I started getting random six packs with buddies, and then going to make my own six packs at local liquor stores, and learned to love all styles. Now there is nothing I won’t try, and I look forward to anything that is put in front of me. I love the fact that there are so many styles, and styles of styles. It never ends!! This goes back to the beginning of this post. It all started, and got popular here in the states by the big Macro breweries. To me a Budweiser, and BBQ on a hot day is a great combination. When I want something super light to enjoy after cutting the grass, I go for a Natty. When I am at Fast Eddies I always go for an ice cold Coors Light in their chalice glass. I’m going to tell you all the truth. Natural Light is a staple in my fridge. It doesn’t get touched every day, but when it does, it does its job. You know what else is a staple in my fridge though? Ranger,and Rampant IPA from New Beligium. La Fin Du Monde from Unirbroue, any new Schlafly IPA, and in the summer time their Summertime Helles Lager. Charleville’s Hoptimistic IPA,  and Boulevard Wheat among others. I am always looking for something new as well to add to the collection. I am drinking a Unita Hop Nosh IPA at this very moment that I am typing this up. It is pretty damn good as well, and I will be getting it again, just like I said in the review.

In closing, thank you for reading this, and thank you for supporting the beer scene in a whole.  I guess the biggest thing that upsets me is the “beer snobs” that turn their nose up to anything domestic that is a Macro brew. It is like they are better than the beer etc. Please don’t be like this. Enjoy the beer industry, and all it has to offer. Please support your local breweries. Lets all stick together, and make this beer scene even more exciting than it already is! Thank you for reading. Have a great evening! Cheers!

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