Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

For International Stout Day November 3rd I wanted to bring back this wonderful beer to the top of the page. Cheers!!

This beer is brewed  at the Wells and Youngs Brewery in Bedford UK and is imported the states by Belukus Marketing located in Houston Tx.

To just put it out there this is one of my favorite beers. It is simply amazing in every aspect and I think everyone should have at least one in their lifetime. It has a very dark color to it even when you hold it up to light none will get through, it also creates a light brown head that laces the glass. The aroma is all chocolate just like it is advertised on the can. The taste is also very chocolatley but also has a hint of coffee to it with a slightly bitter finish.

Putting it bluntly this is like chocolate cake in a bottle and like I said before, I urge everyone to try as it is truly a treat.


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