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Yuengling Black and Tan

Yuengling Black and Tan

This beer is brewed out of Pottsville PA at the Yuengling Brewery which was established in 1829. This beer is available year-round and it has a 4.7% ABV.

This beer pours out a dark almost black color however it has a nice red ruby hint to it in direct light. It creates an off white head that laces the glass as well. The aroma of this beer is a nice combination of toffee, and caramel malts, with a hint of chocolate as well. The taste of this beer is a mirror image of the aroma as the toffee and caramel really stand out before the slightly bitter finish.

This beer has a medium body and does carry a decent balance however I would rather have an authentic Black and Tan with a Guiness and a Bass Ale if given a choice. I still would consider this a nice “already ready already” option if you were wanting a Black and Tan.


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